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Sport for all!

Our Company

Health sport plays a great role on the development of a country. Biggest countries in the world has a national team of health sports with members aged 35 and above.Addis Ababa health association is the first health association established in 1986E.C. for the last 24 years the association produces healthy and open minded matured individuals out 43 health sport teams.

Core values of the Association

Social duty

Addis Ababa Health Association is trying to fulfill its social responsibilities. Thanks for sport; our members are not engaging in damaging addiction


There is a huge chance to meet a new face and become lifelong friends.

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About Establishment

Addis Ababa health association established in 1986 E.C with the effort of two health sports teams. Ammanuel health sport team and Scania Health sport team. It was a friendly match hosted by Ammanuel at Ammanuel’s field between those two teams.After the historical match, Scania invited to play again at cement factory field. After the game’s final whistle, the two team’s members arrived at hareg hotel to have lunch together. The historical conversation started. Between the conversations they discussed about passed away members from each teams. They agreed to set up a health sport tournament to in the memory of died member by including another health sport teams in the city.After the tournament held, it was believed to make a regular annual tournament. By sharing responsibilities among every team members, and by appointing leaders members officially established Addis Ababa health sport association years ago.

Our Scope

It is all about keeping members healthy. Most of retired footballers and athletes are members of the association. For more than two decades, the association is working hard to keep members healthy and creating refreshed minds with sport, which one kind of social responsibilities.Under the association, currently there are 43 health sport teams united and tied with astonishing friendships. Those teams compete in three categories

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Above 35 years old
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Above 40 years old and
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Above 50 years old and