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About us

Health sport plays a great role on the development of a country. Biggest countries in the world has a national team of health sports with members aged 35 and above.Addis Ababa health association is the first health association established in 1986E.C. for the last 24 years the association produces healthy and open minded matured individuals out 43 health sport teams.The association is managed by volunteer and committed members, using their experience, knowledge and professions. Majority of the successes the association achieved accomplished by a strong bond between the members, unity and friendship which can be an example of how the association provide friends.Some of national heroes and legends in the country are members of Addis Ababa health association, including the king of jazz, artist Mulatu Astatke.With Huge plans and missions, the association is heading forward. It is a long term goal to build its own building (Headquarter).

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Mr. Terefe Demeble

Addis Ababa City of Head Sport Association President

Mr. Getachew W/Mickael

Addis Ababa City of Head Sport Association Board

Meet our Team

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There are more dreams the association is working on to make it no longer dreams, but goals. Ethiopia will have a health sport national team in the near future. The national team will compete in major tournaments around the world representing the nation.We request matured men and women to become Health association members to be safe from disease (illness) and depressions. Any individuals and teams who fulfill the requirements welcomed to Addis Ababa health sport association membership.


To make it variety health sports competition,To establish Health sport national team,To make the association financially stable To get more women members and provide them all the variety competitions as men,To build Addis Ababa health sport association owned home field,To provide members with a regular courses,To make the association’s management system technological and well-handled,Guiding the system by researches and studies, Giving an arbitrary courses for some members


Our mission is to keep our members healthy. Health is the first thing our association focuses on.